How the planner can help you

Upon joining us here at Everyone Active, you were asked to set up a profile, within which is a planner that allows you to enter in exactly what activity you’ve been doing or will be doing that week.

There are several benefits to doing this, chief among which is that it allows you to keep track of exactly how active you are, meaning you’ve got a better idea of how much exercise you’ll need to enjoy to help you reach your fitness goals.

Secondly, it will also help you set out a routine, which you’re more likely to stick to – further enhancing your chances of achieving your targets, while you’ll also be notified of any pre-planned sessions, meaning you’re even less likely to miss one.

You can access your planner either via your online profile on your desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Alternatively, however, you can also use our exclusive mobile app that’s available on Android and iOS devices.