Swim the London Marathon Challenge Results

Back in April, we opened our Swim the London Marathon challenge, giving entrants 12 weeks to swim as far as possible, with the aim of reaching the 26.2mile finish line.

More than 400 people took on this epic challenge, and length by length began swimming their way around the famous landmarks on the London Marathon route.

  • 120 people managed to cover six miles and reach the 02 arena at Greenwich
  • 80 people got a brilliant 13.1miles – half way along the course – reaching Tower Bridge en route
  • 69 swam (or doggy paddled) the 17 miles required to reach the Isle of Dogs
  • 53 reached Big Ben at 25miles,
  • An incredible 49 managed to complete the whole 26.2miles to The Mall and some went even further.

Massive congratulations to everyone who took part, but a special commendation goes out to David Wood from Aqua Vale Swimming & Fitness Centre who topped the leader board with an astonishing 178miles achieved across 86 different swims during this challenge.

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