How to Sleep Better With Tweak Slumber

We all know what a bad night’s sleep feels like. You’re lethargic, lack energy and take in too much caffeine . This only deepens the dips again, making you even more tired. Furthermore, the aches and pains you have to suffer on a bad mattress aren’t much fun, either. Along with our partners at Tweak Slumber, we’re on a mission to help you learn how to sleep better and how Tweak’s products can help you do this. Discover how the innovative mattresses work and how much the Nrem mattress has improved Steve’s – our test subject – sleep.

A poor night’s sleep won’t just make you feel lousy the next day, but consistently getting less than seven to eight hours a night can have serious consequences, not just on how grumpy you are the next day either, but on your physical and mental health as well. Lack of sleep can make you more prone to obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and even type 2 diabetes.

How do the Mattresses Work?

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Here’s the Evidence

We don’t just expect you to take our word for it, though. To make sure we asked a colleague – Steve – to volunteer as a guinea pig to see just how much of a difference changing his mattress. We’ll be examining his sleeping patterns and the quality of his sleep – which have been recorded on the Tweak Sleep Tracker app – and how these have changed since he adopted the Tweak Nrem mattress.

Sleep Improvements

Since Steve took delivery of the Nrem mattress, he’s noticed a significant improvement in the quality of his sleep. Before the Nrem, he says he was: “taking ages to fall asleep and waking up several times in the night”. This made him sleepy and unproductive during the day, affecting both his work life and his personal life.

Now, however, things have improved significantly. Steve says he’s sleeping through the night far more regularly, helping him feel happier, more alert and much more productive at work. He’s not tossing and turning anything like as much as he used to and is getting to sleep much more quickly too. But don’t just take Steve’s word for it…

As well as ground-breaking tech in the mattress itself, as a Tweak customer, you also get access to the Tweak Sleep Tracker App. Steve tracked his sleep for a little while before taking delivery of his new mattress and then tracked the nights since to see how much it has improved.

The app measures your heart rate, breathing, how long you’re asleep for in total and a number of other factors too to record an accurate representation of the quality of your sleep. See his great results below…

Tweak Results

Back Pain Recovery

Steve has also noticed a big improvement in the discomfort he used to feel in his back. “One of the first things I noticed was the much improved comfort compared with my previous mattress, while I also start my back was feeling really different, better even.

“It wasn’t that I ever thought I had bad back ache, but I did often get uncomfortable quickly when sitting down or riding my motorcycle. After a few weeks, any sign of this discomfort disappeared and I’m now just about pain-free.”

Better Sleep for the Both of Them

Of course, it’s not just Steve who’s experiencing the new mattress, but his wife is as well and she’s enjoying it too. Steve’s wife prefers a slightly softer setup of her side compared to the firmer setup on Steve’s Nrem side. Now that there’s no compromise in the sleeping arrangements, they are both much happier and sleeping much better too, with one not waking the other up at any point.

Steve is very happy with the results and would recommend the Tweak Nrem mattress to anyone “It would be a fantastic investment” he said.


As an Everyone Active member you can benefit from £130 off all Nrem and Duo mattresses. Plus you will receive a FREE sleep tracker worth £69.99. Click below to claim this offer: