Sleep your way to a healthier you with Tweak Slumber

Sleep, Exercise and Nutrition. The three pillars of health.

You know how important it is to eat well and stay physical, but your efforts could be misspent without enough quality sleep. All three pillars are needed to maintain a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle – so we’re here to help you with the first one – sleep.

Why sleep is key

When you’re asleep, your body is working hard to repair and restore itself. Not only does it allow the brain to process memories in to short term and long term, but it’s also essential to physical recovery and growth. It’s especially important to sleep well after exercise as this helps to recover and build up the muscles that have been used during your workout.

How to sleep better

When it comes to sleep, it’s not just the quantity that counts, but also the quality.

Try these top tips to improve your slumbers tonight:

  • Set a bedtime, and a wake up time – and stick to the routine, every night! This will help to maintain a natural circadian rhythm.
  • Avoid caffeine after 2pm – give your body time to process the stimulant well before bedtime.
  • Avoid a heavy meal late in the evening – but don’t go to bed hungry! If you’re feeling peckish, have a light snack but avoid sugary foods.
  • Turn off the electronics. As tempting as it is to scroll aimlessly through Instagram, the blue light emitted from your smartphone will trick your brain into thinking it is daytime, preventing you from sleeping well.
  • Make sure your bed is comfortable – for both yourself, and your partner! Remember, you should never compromise on your comfort when it comes to sleep.

Meet DUO: The Half and Half Mattress, designed for couples

If you like to sink in to a soft mattress, but your other half prefers a firmer sleeping surface, you don’t need to compromise and meet in the middle!

DUO was made for couples with different needs and preferences in the bedroom. It’s seamlessly split down the middle so you can personalise your side with the comfort level of your choice – if you find the comfort you choose isn’t quite right, you can even swap it free of charge.


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