Fitness class inspired workouts to try yourself

We have teamed up with Swim England to bring you two awesome fitness class inspired workouts to try next time you visit the pool.

The beauty of these sessions is it doesn’t matter what length your pool is, because it is based on time rather than number of lengths. There are numerous combinations which make this fun workout easily tailored to your aims.

Like any fitness class, this session can be taken on by a wide range of swimming abilities and experiences. They will give you a focused 30 minute workout whatever your swimming background.

These are ideal for a lunchtime swim, or for when you want or need a swim but family, work or life pressures mean it’s hard to find the time for a longer swim.

How it works

The sessions are based around interval-style classes that are popular dry-side – like HIIT (high intensity interval training) and boot camps.

During the sessions we will refer Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) for effort levels. This will change for each set.

As with a fitness class, we will give a standard and an advanced variation where applicable, so you can pick the option that is right for your workout.

Each interval is five minutes long and the aim is to complete as many exercises as possible at the RPE level described.

It is important to work at the energy levels described in order to target the current energy systems for the aim of the session.

The rest in between the five minute sets allows you to grab a quick drink, de-fog your goggles and read or remember what’s next! Each session also has the option to print off a PDF to take poolside.

To give you a couple of examples of how this works (these are speed dependent), if the set is one length with 10 seconds rest, you might get through this six times in the five minutes. If the set is five minutes continuous swimming, you might do seven or eight lengths in this time.

Keep a note of how you many you do and you can see how you’re improving if you repeat the session.

Try these fitness workouts

You know the theory, now put it into practice next time you visit the swimming pool. Follow the links below to visit the Swim England website to access these workouts.

You will need to login to the Swim England website to view the sessions, and registration is completely free and takes just a few minutes.

Swim England

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Swim England are the National Governing Body for Swimming in England. Their free Just Swim member

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