What is Good Boost?

Good Boost is an app-based therapeutic aquatic exercise programme for people with musculoskeletal conditions that can help improve mobility. Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions includes arthritis, back pain and numerous other disorders. They collectively cost the NHS and UK economy £100bn+ each year.

MSK conditions are the primary cause of disability and long-term sick leave in the UK, with 18 million people in the UK living with these conditions.

Aqua Therapy

Aqua rehab and hydrotherapy is a proven effective treatment for many MSK conditions as it helps support the joints and the muscles. There is, however, a serious shortage of aquatic physiotherapists and hydrotherapy pools, with just one hydropool per 325,000 people in the UK, making it inaccessible for many in this country. This is where Good Boost comes in.


Rather than relying on specific hydrotherapy pools and expensive instructors, Good Boost utilises technology. This includes tablet computers and artificial intelligence to give you a personalised aqua workout that is specifically designed to help with your MSK condition and improve your mobility, balance and fitness.

Good Boost Sessions in the Pool

Good Boost sessions can take place in any swimming pool, rather than a specifically-designed hydrotherapy pool, making it much more accessible than traditional aqua rehab sessions. Each participant also has their own tablet that takes them through their own workouts that have been tailored to their specific needs. These are, of course, fully waterproof so they can be used pool-side. They also float!

Who Uses Good Boost?

A Good Boost user, on average, is 59, has a high BMI of 29.5 and have two additional health conditions beyond their MSK problems. Most are women, with two female attendees to every one male. Meanwhile, 41% are non-swimmers, or report ‘low confidence’ in the water, 25% are from low income households, 65% register as physically inactive and 36% report being able to walk ‘less than 100m’.

How Can Good Boost Help?

Good Boost’s users see significant improvements in pain, function and overall quality of life, equivalent to interventions such as physiotherapy, medication, and even surgery.

What do Users think of Good Boost?

Good Boost is extremely popular with its users, helping them lead a fuller, more active life. For instance, Bridget said:

“I enjoy the exercises, but most of all, I enjoy the company. The first time I came along, I could hardly walk. A couple of years later and I’ve lost six and a half stone. I’m able to move better, my muscles are better. My posture has changed hugely. I used to be hunched over before because of my fractured neck and back. Good Boost, because it’s in water, it’s easy for me to do the exercises. If I’m out of the water, I can’t do it.”

Meanwhile, Paul Said:

“I’ve had AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis) since I was a child. By doing the exercises, I can get a good night’s sleep and actually reduce the amount of drugs I’m on, it’s a winner all the way round. The staff are great. It’s good because you’re in a controlled environment, so you’re not getting out of your depth if you don’t want to. The exercises build up too, so you gradually build up your confidence, it’s great.”

Good Boost and Everyone Active

Good Boost will be launching at certain Everyone Active centres shortly. These centres are as follows:

Bromsgrove Sport & Leisure Centre
Horfield Leisure Centre
Winchester Sport & Leisure Park
Abbey Leisure Centre
Aqua Vale Swimming & Fitness Centre
The Castle Centre
Peckham Pulse Leisure Centre