How Zoggs can Help you Learn to Swim

At Zoggs, we believe kids should start learning to swim as soon as possible. Beginning at an early age helps make them confident in the water, as well as helping ensure they enjoy themselves more. Our Learn to Swim products are designed to go hand in hand with the various stages of swim development to help you guide your little ones through their swimming journey, all the way from those first tentative paddles to being a strong, confident swimmer.

Start to Swim

Building your child’s water confidence is the first step. Starting off either in the bath or in the pool (using our Trainer Seat) is a great way to get them used to the water, while playing fun splashing games using Zoggy Soakers or Little Squirts games are ideal for ensuring your kids associate water with fun, rather than being scared or apprehensive.

Our swimwear for Stage one is designed to keep them warm both in and out of the pool. Using our Swimsure™ Nappy (please use a disposable nappy underneath) to contain any accidents and the Neoprene Baby Wrap to keep them toasty warm, they won’t want to get out. The Zoggs Trainer Seat is perfect for getting them moving in the water, and the easy Inflate valves make it a cinch to blow up. Stage 1 ensures a great base for them to continue to develop their water confidence.

Learn to Swim

This is all about building on that confidence they’ve already gained and develop their swimming ability now that they feel comfortable in the water. As they begin this stage, it’s important to give them the right tools to support their progression. Our buoyancy aids, floatation jackets and pool toys are all designed to support you and your little one through this stage of swim development.

Getting them out of the Trainer Seat and into the pool can often be a little daunting. How do you know they are ready? Look for encouragement in their movement, splashing a lot, they are actively trying to move and they are kicking their legs while in the trainer seat. These are all signs they are looking to move on with their swimming and are becoming more confident.

The Inflatable Swim Ring is a great next step, it gives them more freedom than the trainer seat but still gives you peace of mind, knowing they are supported. Once they are moving freely in the swim ring, you could look at moving them to our Swimsure™ or Water Wings Jackets. This is where your kids can really explore their confidence in the water trying out the swimming position and some basic swim strokes. Introducing some more toys at this stage is a great idea too. For example, Seal Flips can be a great way of encouraging them to put their face in the water. This stage is all about allowing them to explore the freedom of the water and building their confidence constantly. This will be the main building blocks to make them into that strong swimmer.

REMEMBER our buoyancy aids are there to support children. Any children using them must be supervised at all times.

Confident Swimmers

Once they have reached stage three, they should be looking to explore underwater and develop their swim strokes. Playing with Zoggy Dive Sticks and Zoggy Dive Rings is a great way to get kids exploring the underwater world. Use them in a dive and retrieve game or races and you won’t be able to get them out of the pool. Using training equipment, such as a Kickboard can help them improve and develop their stroke technique.

The Stages are there to support you and your kids through their swim journey, but remember the most important thing is that they enjoy the water. If they have fun in the water, the confidence is bound to come. Get down to your local Everyone Active pool today and get your little ones on the path to becoming confident swimmers.
If you would like more information on the Stages or more about our Learn to Swim products check out the Zoggs UK YouTube channel for some great tips and advice, whatever stage they are at!