Make a Splash with Zoggs this Summer

Summer’s here and the sun’s out (some of the time, anyway), so what better than to cool off with a family swim? Zoggs is here to help with some great games to get all the family involved, making some great memories. Whether you’ve got some kids who are just starting to learn to swim, or you’re looking to have some fun with friends at the beach, these Zoggs games are perfect for everyone!


This lightweight Frisbee is perfect for any trip to the beach or pool. For adults and children alike, playing Frisbee is a great game and a fantastic way to enjoy the water. Try throwing it to each other and each time it is caught take a step back and see how far you can get! Who will be the first to drop it? Alternatively have a distance competition to see who can throw the furthest. How far will yours go?

Fish Footballs

These are a great way to enjoy some fun in the sun while building confidence in the water. Throw it, catch it, hit it, kick it – it’s perfect to use in a game as teams or just in a pair. Use in a game of throw and retrieve, water polo or just a game of catch. Whatever your age and ability, this is a great way of livening up your summer swim!

Catch Pad Game

If you’re looking for some summer fun, then the Catch Pad Game is the answer. Consisting of two velcro pads and a soft foam ball, simply throw the ball to your partner and they have to catch it on their Velcro pad without it falling off. Need to make it more challenging take a step back every time you are successful; see how far apart you can get! Who will be the first to miss it? Whether you are playing in the pool, in the garden or at the beach they are great for any environment, age and ability.

Beach Ball

The seaside favourite has returned! Zoggs’ bright beach ball is perfect for anyone looking to head to the beach or pool this summer. Play a game of volleyball, football or a simple game of catch it will provide hours of fun and games. There is also no chance you will lose it with its bright green and blue design!

Swim Ring

This is more designed for the kids that are just learning to move around and starting to build their confidence in the water. This allows your child to experience freedom of the water through the kicking of their legs and allowing their arms to be free. It is perfect to pack in your suitcase, making it ideal for that beach holiday you’re looking forward to. Kids are grown up and no need for it? Why not use it as a hoop for a game of basketball or netball with the fish footballs? Please note – children must always be observed when in the swim ring, this is not a lifesaving device.

Water Blasters

Want to make a splash this summer? Then the water blaster is the perfect product for you. Simply immerse the blaster fully in the water and pull the handle back to fill it, then it is time to run! You aren’t safe anywhere with these, with an amazing range you’re definitely not out of the splash zone even at the other end of the pool! These are definitely some of our favourites, who will win the water fight?

So what are you waiting for? These games are perfect to keep the family entertained in either the pool or the beach this summer and they’re available from just £3.00! Head down to your local Everyone Active centre today to check out the Zoggs Make a Splash display and grab yours before they run out!