Swap Screen Time for Pool Time This Half-Term

With the half term holidays upon us, parents everywhere are desperately trying to find things to keep the kids entertained during the break. Now, we know it’s really tempting to just dump them in front of the nearest screen to get some short-term respite. But how about reducing their screen time a little bit and have some fun at your local Everyone Active swimming pool instead? That way, you get active, have a great time and wear the kids out at the same time!

Average UK Childhood Screen Time

In an exercise run by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, a selection of children and young people said they spend an average of:

  • 2 hours watching television
  • 3 hours on their phone
  • 2.5 hours on a computer/laptop/tablet

This same sample of children shared their thoughts on any impact that screen time may have had on them:

  • 88% felt it negatively impacted their sleep
  • The kids spent an average of 1.5 hours looking at a screen before falling asleep
  • 41% felt it affected their fun
  • 35% said screen time had a negative impact on their mood or mental health
  • 18% said it impacts negatively on their family time and schoolwork

Screen Time Getting in the way of Family Time

Furthermore, Discover Ferries commissioned a OnePoll survey in 2017 and this found that almost 90% of people agreed gadgets get in the way of spending quality family time together. On average, it was found that families only spend approximately 36 minutes together on a weekday.

With social media everywhere in both children’s and adult’s lives, alongside the fact that just about everyone has constant access to their account through their phones and tablets, it’s extremely hard to switch off and reduce the amount of time spent staring at a screen. It has, however, never been more important to make sure families put down their devices and enjoy some quality time together.

As Swim England said as part of its #LoveSwimming campaign: “Their console doesn’t work underwater”. Swimming allows you to escape those screens, and help the kids to have fun and get active!

Also, if you want to make that family time extra special, Zoggs has some top tips to help you make the most of your family swim sessions this half term.


Whether your kids are just beginning their learn-to-swim journey or are confident swimmers, there’s a game for every family. It could be a swim and retrieve game using some great Zoggs products such as Zoggy Soakers, Seal Flips, Dive Sticks and Dive Rings, these are perfect for some family fun.

Water Slides

Water slides can be great fun for all the family too. They’re perfect for creating some amazing family memories that will stick with you all for a long time, helping reduce your kids’ screen time at the same time. Check out your local Everyone Active centres to find your local water slides, while those in the Bracknell area should check out Coral Reef Waterworld with its fun pool and choice of five fantastic giant water slides.

Practicing Swimming

While this may not sound too exciting, swimming is such a vital skill and something your children will always remember. Help guide your kids outside their swimming lessons from getting them used to the water using the Zoggs Trainer Seat or developing their swim stroke in the Zoggs Water Wings Vest, getting them more comfortable in the water can only lead to much more fun. It is great bonding time for the whole family and we can guarantee they will never forget who taught them how to swim!

Just Enjoy it

With life passing by so quickly take some time and just enjoy spending quality time with your family by swapping screen time for pool time this half term. So ‘put down the screens and pick up the goggles’ this half term and show them the fun that can be had without those video games or that selfie on Instagram. Get active and start making amazing memories.