Swim Equipment to Help your Pool Workout

Are you tired of running nowhere on the treadmill, doing press-ups or lifting those heavy weights? Have you ever considered swapping the gym for a swim instead? As a non-weight bearing, resistance exercise, meaning no stress on your body (unlike weight lifting), you can either work your whole body or isolate those specific muscles that need strengthening. Check out the Zoggs swim equipment that will help you change up your workouts this winter.

Working the Upper Body With Swim Equipment

If you can’t face upping the weights by another few kilos, then why not jump in the pool and use the resistance of the water to build power and strength in your upper body?

Pull Buoy

Introducing the Zoggs Pull Buoy to your swimming regime helps build strength in your chest, back and shoulders. Placing the Pull Buoy between your legs elevates and supports them, which allows you to focus on your arm technique and it can be used with any of the swim strokes. You can also pair it with the hand paddles to increase your work load, as well as varying your swim workout.

Hand Paddles

Hand paddles use the resistance of the water to help build strength and power in your arms, lats and shoulders. They can add an additional load to the workout which can result in improved conditioning, overall combining to increase your stroke speed. They are designed to help you identify stroke flaws which can then be worked on.

When using hand paddles it is key you warm up before using them, four lengths at a good pace and you will be ready to go. Use the hand paddles for roughly a third of your swim and make sure you warm down! You may not feel it in your shoulders right then, but you will the next morning. PLEASE NOTE: when using hand paddles for the first time, it’s important you start with a smaller size and work your way up to larger versions.

As you begin using them, get some guidance on how to use hand paddles properly as they can cause injury if not used correctly. Check out the video for our top tips on safe and effective use of hand paddles to support you to have a great swim!

Working the Lower Body With Swim Equipment

Squats not working? Swimming is a fantastic whole-body workout, exercising your lower body just as much as your upper body. By using certain pieces of swim equipment and isolating your lower body, it‘s a great way of building power and strength in your legs, calves and glutes!


The Kickboard, while strengthening the thighs and glutes primarily, can also work the abs and hamstrings. Placing your hands through the holes in the kickboard and resting your elbows on it, place your arms out in front of you with your face in the water or with your chin slightly dipped. With your head in the water it can also be great for practicing your breathing.

The kickboard can be used to improve the power of your kicks. Place the kickboard vertically in the water in front of you to create extra drag that your kicks must overcome. Finz can also be added as another great way of varying your workout. You will be powering down those lanes in no time!

Ultra Finz

Ultra Finz are a fantastic piece of swim equipment that help provide ultra-propulsion to turn your natural power into positive swim-drive. Like the kickboard, Finz build power and strength in your thighs and glutes primarily, while also working your abs, calves and increasing ankle flexibility.

To get the most out of your workout, keep the knees soft while making long kicks from the hips down. Keep the Finz under the water, just gently touching the surface as you kick up.

Finz help with technique and strength development of freestyle, backstroke and butterfly, making swimming easier, increasing speed, allowing for a longer swim and ultimately burning more calories. Positives all round!

So are you looking for a change to that relentless gym routine? Head down to your local Everyone Active swimming pool and take on a brand new swimming workout today!