Top tips for Swimming in the New Year

Looking to try something different this new year? Step out of the gym and dive into the swimming pool. We know it’s cold and dark, but don’t let that stop you! We’ve covered all you need to know to jump in for the new year.

Be Prepared

Always make sure you pack your swimming bag the night before to make sure you don’t forget anything. Packing in a rush always means there is a risk of forgetting your lucky swim cap. Need some tips on what to bring we have our swim kit essentials:

  • Swimming Costume – this may seem obvious but you can’t go swimming without one, so make sure it’s in the bag!
  • Towel – again, it’s pretty fundamental stuff this, but it’s so easy to forget the essentials. Remember, Everyone Active pools don’t provide towels, so you can’t get away without one.
  • Goggles – this may seem another obvious one but we have all been through that last-minute goggle purchase when you can’t find them in your bag. Haven’t found that perfect goggle yet? Goggles have been steaming up? Why not check if they are the perfect fit. To do this, press the goggles lightly against your eyes (without the straps on) and if you feel a second’s or more suction, then they fit. If they fall off your face, however, then they don’t fit properly and you should look for another pair. Having trouble finding the right pair? Then head to your local Everyone Active centre or check out our Goggle Fitting Guide to get more information.
  • Bottle of water – You might think you’re in water so why would you need to drink water. This is not the case. Swimming is exercise, just like the gym or an exercise class, and like any of these you sweat, which means you need to stay hydrated throughout your swim session.
  • Trolley Token/Pound Coin* – Ever got to the locker and realised you don’t have a coin? Where do you put your bag and clothes now? We’ve all done it. Make sure you keep a trolley token or pound coin at the bottom of your bag so there will be no future locker worries. (*Some of our centres use padlock lockers or 20p coins rather than pound coins)
  • Hairbrush, Shampoo and Conditioner – it’s easy to forget how much impact Chlorine can have on your hair. The sooner you can wash out the chlorine the better. If you are a regular swimmer, there are specific shampoos that can help with the effects of chlorine.

Get Changed Before you go

Nervous about changing in the changing rooms? Change before you get to the pool. This way you only need to remove your clothing place it in the locker and you are ready to go. This is also great if you are looking for that quick swim. Remember, if you do this, take some spare underwear!

Stay at Your own Speed

If you are just starting out the swimming pool can be a daunting place. Which lane do I go in? Fast, Medium or Slow? Make sure you go at your own speed people will work around you.

Set a Target for the New Year

Struggle to stay motivated doing length after length? Set a target, this could be a number of lengths, a specific distance or a larger challenge, for example Swimathon or the Aspire Channel Swim. Targets are a great way to keep coming back to the pool.

Heading Home

There is nothing worse than pulling on those jeans after a swim. Take a cosy jumper and some comfy clothes to go home in. They will also keep you warm during this cold time of year.

Have Something to eat

Swimming is a hungry business! Make sure you get a nutritious meal or snack after you have been for a swim. After a swim, the best foods to eat are lean proteins (chicken, turkey, oily fish, peanut butter, cheese) as well as fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

We hope these top tips and tricks give you the confidence to dive into the pool in the new year!