What is Aqua Passport? Everything you Need to Know

Every child that is enrolled in Everyone Active’s award-winning swimming lessons gets access to Aqua Passport. This is an absolutely brilliant tool for helping both their parents keep track of their child’s progress through the learn-to-swim scheme, but also for the child to understand how they’re getting on.

As well as this, it will help keep them engaged with the process outside of lessons thanks to the games and rewards that children can enjoy once they’ve completed certain aspects of each stage of the learn-to-swim journey.

What is Aqua Passport?

Aqua Passport is a tool designed to aid both parents and children in their progress up the swimming lesson ladder, as well as helping keep the child engaged in the overall process.

Playing fun Games

Aqua Passport helps keep kids engaged by offering encouragement as they progress through the swimming lesson programme. These take the shape of games and quizzes that become unlocked as the child progresses in their lessons. There is also a main game where whole new worlds can become unlocked as they move forward.

Collecting Trophies

Further rewards for the child’s continued development are virtual trophies awarded to them as they make their way through the swimming lesson programme. These can then go in their own personal trophy cabinet, helping to chart their successes in the pool.

Staying up-to-date With Progress

As well as the virtual trophy cabinet, the scheme also allows access to a huge amount of information on how the child is getting on in the swimming lessons, what progress they’re making and what the next steps are. There are also video clips and explanations available outlining all the requirements for passing each stage of the learn-to-swim scheme.

Using Aqua Passport

Accessing and using Aqua Passport on the Everyone Active website is an easy process. All you have to do is login to your account with your email and password. If, however, you’ve yet to set your password, then you’ll need to follow this link to set a new password to go with your email address to act as the login for your account.

Once you’ve completed these steps, follow the below instructions:

  • Once logged in, you may be asked to confirm whether you would like to use the gym. Select the answer that suits you.
  • If you selected “Yes”, you will be directed to complete your online induction and set your goals online. Please follow this five minute process to gain access to your profile.
  • Once complete, you will gain access to your profile. If you selected “No” you will be directed to this stage immediately.
  • Now you have access, click “My Profile” in the top right hand corner.
  • Under “Activities & Goals”, you will find “Courses & Lessons”, click this.

Scroll down to your child’s name and click the ‘View Progress’ link and you’ll be taken to your child’s Aqua Passport page.


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