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What do our football lessons offer

An overview of football courses levels

We offer football courses for people of all abilities. Discover more below.

  • Star Awards (2-4 years)

    This is the first introduction to football, the focus will be put on introducing motor skills and developing balance an co-ordination why introducing the basic football skills. By the end of the start awards your child will have learned to shoot by striking th...

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  • Level 1 (5-7 years)

    To complete level one children will have to display being able to shoot with laces and standing foot planted, use a controlled pass to a partner 5 yards away, control ball using inside of the foot and able to throw a ball 5 yards from behind there head.

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  • Level 2 (5-7 years)

    Level 2 moves onto your child being able to striking a ball towards a target, demonstrate a one touch pass, control a ball with a inside step from a pass 10 yards away and be able to demonstrate a two touch turn around a cone.

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  • Level 3 (5-7 years)

    To pass through our level 3 your child must be able to strike a ball with controlled power using laces, demonstrate a one touch pass using either foot to a partner, be able to zig zag in and out of cones why controlling the ball and head back a ball to a partn...

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  • Level 4 (8-11 years)

    Level 4 starts to incorporate a number of the skills learned through 1 – 3 into one skill. Your child must demonstrate control of the ball using the inside step of foot allowing the ball to be strike with the laces of the boot with the second touch, pass fro...

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  • Level 5 (8-11 years)

    Moving onto level 5 increases with developing technique and control of the ball, why we still focus on the key skills a particular focus is on dribbling and control. Player must demonstrate dribbling within a 20x20 area using both feet with a variety of turns ...

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  • Level 6 (8-11 years)

    In the final level of the EA Soccer programme the focus further developing on technique and increased level of difficulties in the skills taught. Player must demonstrate half volley strike from a 10 yards crossed pass, strike must score a goal with accuracy a...

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