Play at Playworld

For the Juniors

Recommended for ages up to 12 years, a multi-level soft play arena boasting a thrilling ‘Drop Slide’ from a 6 metre deck, 4 Lane Astra Slide, Giant Spiral Slide, Wavy Slide, Climbing Wall, Double Sky Glide, large separate Sports Area with interactive sports walls, and many more exciting and challenging features.

Designed by House of Play, the UK’s leading supplier of indoor play equipment, the play area contains a variety of play features to encourage both physical and mental development of children whilst at play.

Physical development

Play World offers great play value to promote physical activity and encourage exercise in a controlled and safe environment. The play equipment is cleverly designed to encourage physical activity including sliding, balancing, crawling, swinging, bouncing, squeezing, hand eye coordination, ball skills, etc … everything a developing child would expect to experience whilst at play.

Mental development

Playworld offers great play features to promote mental stimulation and intrigue with interactive light and sound features, interactive dwell areas, make belief activities, art and craft areas, dressing up, story time and social interaction.

Playworld is famous for hosting exciting memorable birthday and special event parties… grab your camera and leave the rest to us!

For the Toddlers

Designed to inspire the imagination and challenge the adventurous, Play World is a multi-level soft play area full of obstacles and hidden surprises for children 0-5 years.

Kids will love clambering across the crossing the rope bridge, navigating the ball run, descending the slide, clambering over the hump floors, sneaking through the spiders web and tackling the roller squeezes obstacle course! Amazing 4 lane racing and giant ball pool will keep the kids entertained for hours on end!

For more information please call 01642 447701