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Personal Training Launch Day

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Sessions begin Tuesday 28th February 2017.

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Personal Training with Everyone Active

If you are looking for a little bit of extra support, coaching and motivation, looking to accelerate your progress, recovering from injury or illness, targeting a special occasion or sporting challenge or just need that little bit extra then Personal Training could be for you.

Personal Trainers are not just for movie stars and elite athletes. Everyone can benefit from working with a Personal Trainer and it’s far more affordable than you think.

Our Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) registered Personal Trainers will help you to achieve your health & fitness goals with a maximum level of support including 1:1 sessions, expert exercise knowledge, effective training plans, all the advice and support you need.

The Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

green_tick Results – members who work with our Trainers are more likely to achieve their results and achieve their results more quickly.
green_tick A Personal programme and service – whilst our Fitness colleagues are there to support you they cannot be there during each and every workout.
green_tick Accountability – committing to sessions with a Trainer will make you more accountable. If you miss a session not only will you let yourself down but also your Personal Trainer.
green_tick Motivation – your Trainer will work with you every step of the way providing all the motivation and support you need to achieve your goals.
green_tick Technique – your Personal Trainer will be with you to ensure that you use effective and safe technique throughout your workout for maximum benefit, even when you are getting tired towards the end of your session!
green_tick Time Efficient – your Personal Trainer will ensure you work out effectively to get the maximum benefit from the time you have available. They will push you to achieve more than you could training by yourself.

So whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, improve your health, get fit for your sport, or just need that extra bit of motivation and guidance to keep you on track, then our talented Personal Trainers can help.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Only one appointment available per person.
Free appointment is 30 minute consultation with personal trainer.
User must sign a Health Commitment Statement regarding safe practice.
All standard Everyone Active terms and conditions apply.
Appointment must be redeemed on 28/02/17.