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What’s it all about?

EXi is the NHS-approved physical activity prescription app for people looking for the confidence to begin a physical activity programme safely. EXi creates a 12-week personalised programme for the management or prevention of multiple long-term health conditions and is also suitable for people who aren’t necessarily meeting recommended physical activity guidelines.

EXi is the world’s first app to provide an automated yet personalised exercise prescription. Based on the latest scientific evidence for safety and effectiveness for those affected by any of 23 long-term conditions (including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, cancer and long-Covid), it remains the only programme in the world to have this capability.

Your health information will generate a personalised exercise prescription, based on physical activity intensity, which gradually increases over 12 weeks at a rate that is both safe and achievable.

What kind of content can I expect to find?

EXi directs you to the appropriate activity content suitable for your prescribed intensity level. It lets you choose how to complete each goal by selecting from an extensive library of workouts, home workouts, outdoor guided activities, gym programmes and more. EXi follows your progress throughout the day, logging multiple shorter sessions and encouraging you to hit your daily goals.

EXi prompts you to log your health outcomes such as heart rate to make sure you’re working at the correct intensity to achieve your physical activity goals. It works out your training zones at low, moderate and high intensity. EXi then checks your heart rate and effort scores to ensure you are working at the correct intensity level for you.

Is it suitable for me?

EXi has been designed for those with, or at risk of developing, certain chronic health conditions. It’s a great starting point for anyone who isn’t necessarily meeting the current recommended physical activity guidelines.

EXi’s weekly prescription comprises either physical activity minutes or step count. The app will log active minutes and will automatically capture step count. Only one needs to be met to hit the daily physical activity goal.

EXi celebrates every activity completed, awarding a gold badge if 100% of your activity prescription is met, a silver badge if 80% of activity is completed and a bronze badge if 60% of the prescription has been achieved.

How and where can I use it?

The EXi app supports physical activity in your preferred format from walking, running or cycling programmes to workouts done at home or in the gym.

EXi uses the camera on your smart phone to measure your heart rate. Remember to log your heart rate and other relevant information after every session.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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