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What’s it all about?

This hot new group fitness platform puts a fresh twist on all your favourite formats.  Enjoy sports-themed workouts and, yoga-inspired HIIT and resistance training, as well as a range of express workouts and a stretching series.

SH1FT workouts harness the power of the 6 Degrees of Freedom. Every workout will move you up and down, side to side, forward and back, with dynamic folds, bends and twists. The ability to move through the 6 Degrees of Freedom with power, control and precision is the key to functional fitness and staying ‘fit for life’ at any age.

What kind of content can I expect to find?

SH1FT offers 100 workouts in four formats with new sessions added every two weeks. The formats are:

SH1FT: Smart high intensity functional training for all fitness levels

Use your bodyweight as the tool to develop speed, balance and agility. You’ll build athletic fitness as you sweat through simple progressions that work for all fitness levels.  All workouts are themed, so why not try your luck as an Olympian, a Surfing Champ or a Tennis Ace in one of the sports themed workouts. Or try one of the functional workouts where disciplines like Yoga and Pilates meet HIIT training!

L1FT: Strength & conditioning to build a strong and healthy body

L1FT workouts sculpt lean muscles and turn you into a fat burning machine long after the workout is over. Workouts use smart, safe and progressive movements to ensure no fitness level is left behind.

M1ND: Functional stretching, mobility & stability training for non-yogis

This functional mobility series is designed to complement an active lifestyle. M1ND draws inspiration from sports, yoga, calisthenics and rehabilitation and each unique session can include one or more of these elements.

R1ZE: High intensity functional training using the step

Literally step up your training with the modern take on a classic piece of kit. In R1ZE the step can be anything – from a jump box to an exercise bench to an obstacle. You’ll utilise multi-dimensional functional movements for a full body interval blast.

Is it suitable for me?

If you love workouts that put a smile on your face then you will love SH1FT. Friendly trainers, themed sessions and cool on-screen locations.

If you’re not sure where to start, or prefer a guided programme to motivate you, there are a range of four-week workout plans, categorised by fitness level and equipment needed, to get you going.

How and where can I use it?

SH1FT workouts are a great home fitness option. From full-length classes to 10-minute express sessions, you’ll always be able to fit a workout into your day.

Available directly via the Everyone Active app, you’ll always be able to enjoy a workout whenever you have your phone or tablet to hand.

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Everyone On Demand is available within the Everyone Active app (iOS and Android).

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