iHASCO Training


Fire Warden


A complete in-depth Fire Warden Training Course, to equip you with all the knowledge you need to become a fully trained Fire Warden or Fire Marshal without leaving your office.

Our Fire Warden course is designed for those people considered competent enough to become a designated Fire Warden for their office, company etc.

Fire Warden Training covers:

  • Fire prevention
  • Organising a Fire Evacuation
  • Using and choosing the correct Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Legislation
  • Human Behaviour

Fire Awareness


Every member of staff needs Fire Awareness Training. You can use this programme to ensure that you comply with current legislation, keep your workplace safer, learn evacuation procedures, and take part in fire extinguisher training, strengthening your overall fire health and safety training regime.

Display Screen Equipment


Everyone who regularly uses a computer needs IT Health and Safety Training – DSE – Display Screen Equipment Training. Taking just 30 minutes to complete, our DSE training programme will help you meet the requirements of The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 which covers computer health and safety.

Level 2 Food Hygiene


Our food hygiene level 2 online course provides an in-depth understanding of food hygiene regulations; food safety hazards (and avoiding food poisoning); personal hygiene; cleanliness; food storage and temperatures and cross-contamination hazards with food. This IOSH-approved level 2 food hygiene course is expertly designed to help caterers, chefs, hospitality staff and other food handlers improve their food hygiene practices and remain compliant with UK legislation.

  • UK legislation compliant
  • IOSH-approved level 2

Food Allergen Awareness


This course has been designed for anyone working with food, whether in production, processing, packaging, distribution, retail, or catering. Works alongside any of our other food safety courses.