Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga

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Welcome to Everyone Active Hot Yoga

At Everyone Active Hot Yoga we believe in the power of yoga to revive your mind, body and spirit. As one of the fastest growing styles of yoga around, our studios have been developed to help you achieve physical, mental, and emotional balance.

With the wide-variety of classes offered at our studios – from 90 minute classes, to Pilates, to ‘warm’ yoga and 60 minute session – you can just have fun, you can use Hot Yoga as part of your overall fitness & flexibility training, or you can practice the ancient art to help you achieve balance and deep wellbeing.
Hot Yoga
Our classes and instructors allow you to work at your own level on both strength and flexibility within a safe, structured and very supportive community.

Come and try Hot Yoga and feel the benefits of:

  • FLEXIBILITY: The 100F heat allows your muscles to reach new levels of flexibility
  • STRENGTH: Low impact and the range of vinyasas uses muscles you didn’t know you had
  • BREATHING: Hot Yoga teaches you to breathe in a full and controlled manner
  • CARDIO FITNESS: A 90-minute class can burn up to 1,000 calories
  • HEALING: Let your mind and body feel revived
  • DETOXIFYING: Sweating throughout the class purges the toxins from the skin