Hot Yoga at Frogmore

Hot Yoga with Everyone Active

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of holistic group exercise, which you can now practice hot or cold in our bespoke Hot Yoga studio. Over 13 classes to choose from including 9 hot classes.

Feel the benefits of Hot Yoga:

  • FLEXIBILITY: The 100F heat allows your muscles to reach new levels of flexibility
  • STRENGTH: Low impact and the range of vinyasas uses muscles you didn’t know you had
  • BREATHING: Hot Yoga teaches you to breathe in a full and controlled manner
  • CARDIO FITNESS: A 90-minute class can burn up to 1,000 calories
  • HEALING: Let your mind and body feel revived
  • DETOXIFYING: Sweating throughout the class purges the toxins from the skin

How to Join Us

Join online below or contact the centre team on 01252 873454.

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