Beginner Golf

Get Into Golf

At Middlesbrough Golf Centre we want to make you feel at home in the golf club straight away.  Our team of professionals are on hand to help and encourage you to get out on the course and enjoying the game as soon as possible.

Your first experience of the centre will be a taster session held on our purpose built driving range, where your professional coach. They will help show you how to hold the club, how to set up and explain the basic motions of the golf swing.  By the end of your taster session with the help of your pro you should be able to hit the ball in the air and be surprised by just how far you can actually hit it.

Following on from your initial taster session, the next step is to join us for a Get Into Golf group.  This is where you will learn more about the game and exactly what each club is going to do, and just as importantly how to use them.  We will be covering all aspects of the game from putting, to chipping as well as driving the ball.  These sessions are generally over 5 weeks and are a brilliant way to meet new golfers and find out where your next step on your golfing journey is going to take you.

Once you have completed your first Get Into Golf Session your next step is going to be to get out on the course.  With the help of your professional and the team at Middlesbrough Golf Centre this step isn’t nearly as daunting as it might be.  We are able to continue your golfing development with our Advanced Get Into Golf sessions, where you will learn about more aspects of the game such as bunker shots and fairway woods, as well as getting you out onto our Par 3 course more regularly.

Junior Golf

Our Junior Golf Coaching opportunities at Middlesbrough Golf Centre are all geared around making golf as fun and exclusive as possible.  This doesn’t mean that we aren’t trying to develop and nurture the next Rory McIlroy, but we want to have as much fun in doing it.

As a result we have put together a fantastic team of professional who all have junior development at the forefront of there minds, using the Junior Golf Passport system to encourage enjoyment and participation through every level of our coaching.

Our coaching options start with Tri Golf for the littlest golfer, through to our Academy offerings dedicated to improving the very best golfing talent in the Teeside area and beyond.

Tri Golf

The coaching opportunities start with Tri Golf, these classes are aimed our younger golfers and focus on having fun playing golf whilst working on things like grip and stance all with light weight plastic clubs which make hitting the ball in the air achievable for even the littlest golfers.

The Junior Golf Passport

The next steps in junior development all focus through working through the three levels of the junior golf passport, ( START, LEARN, PLAY.  These levels help juniors to progress through the levels, gaining experience as they attend the sessions.

Learning isn’t just done on the driving range, with just as much time spent getting out on to the course and playing the game out on our Par 3 course as well as on and around the putting green.