Our Managing Director is calling on your support

Dear all,

We’ve been so grateful for the support of our members and customers in what has been a challenging year. However, we now need your help more than ever.

Much like the public, we’re reacting as best we can to the news that has impacted us, not only to support our members and customers but also our leisure industry. We understand the importance of the position we’re in – to support the health and mental wellbeing of the nation.

Unfortunately, given the changes that will be implemented from Thursday, we are not seen as an essential service and can no longer support members at our centres. All of the leisure industry’s hard work on liaising with Government bodies to ensure safety measures were in place and guidelines were followed, has been met with news of a month’s closure.

This second lockdown will be even tougher on the UK, with shorter hours of sunlight and colder weather, people in the UK will no longer feel safe or motivated to exercise outdoors. By offering essential access to gyms and leisure facilities during the lockdown period, we can help to tackle this issue of inactivity.

We’re part of the 7,000 gyms across the UK that have played an essential role in meeting the needs of members and in particular more vulnerable individuals during these tough circumstances. Research by ukactive, showed aggregated data from 1,900 gyms and leisure facilities in the UK shows more than 5 million visits were made during one week from 5-11 October, and just 156 confirmed cases of COVID19.

Our gyms and leisure centres can help and support people during these unprecedented times and the decision to close them prevents us doing more for our customers and local communities. Therefore, we are supporting the 500,000 individuals who have so far signed the petition to encourage the Government to prevent gyms from closing during the second lockdown. We urge you to support us and sign below.

We also support ukactive in their campaign, Fit Together: We are safe, We are essential. The campaign revealed that 58% of people managed their mental health by being active during lockdown and 63% of people said sport and physical activity helped to reduce their feelings of loneliness.* These figures represent the views of more than 2,000 members of the public who have already struggled through the first lockdown period and now face a further winter month of lockdown.

Thank you for your continued support and we truly hope to see you back in our leisure centres soon.

Kind regards,

David Bibby
Everyone Active Managing Director