April Fitness Challenges

Spring into action this April with our new five online challenges!

Take the challenge, log your activity and see what you can achieve…

Step It Up 2022 – Step Challenge

Couple walking in countrysideHow many steps can you achieve during the month of April?

Walking is a great way to keep active on it’s own or as part of your exercise programme, helping to keep you healthy in both body and mind.

Easter Egg Calorie Smash

Let’s smash those Easter Eggs!

The average Easter Egg contains 750kcal. How many Easter Eggs worth of calories can you burn off throughout April?

*Consuming Easter Eggs is optional!

Swim Easter Island

Easter Island Heads with ocean in the backgroundMake sure you don’t HEAD off in the wrong direction with this month’s special swim challenge! Can you swim the length of Easter Island – all 14 miles (23 km) of it – in just one month? We’ll be egging you on!

Run Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrians wall at sunriseThis month we challenge you to run the length of Hadrian’s Wall – the width of Northern England. It’s 84 miles (135 km) long – more than three marathons in just one month!

Cycle Coast To Coast

Three Peaks Cycle Challenge. Couple cycling up green English mountainCycle across England from its most westerly to easterly points. Can you conquer the 475 miles (764 km) between Land’s End and Lowestoft?