Customer Feedback & Actions

Thank you to all customer who have provided feedback on your centre experiences. Please see the recent feedback below along with the actions we are taking at the centre:

Feedback: Group Cycling bike maintenance

Action: Regular in house inspections and external servicing contract in place to ensure that the bikes are well maintained and in good working order. Bikes by popularity of the classes are used regularly throughout the day and week and if any issue is identified this should be brought to the attention of the instructor, or in a virtual class any member of staff to be resolved as quickly as possible.

Feedback: Temperature and circulation in the Group Cycling studio

Action: Highlighted and raised by EA as part of our quarterly commissioning with WD and mechanical supply chain partners. Designed for a maximum occupancy of 40 at a Room Temp of 18°C based on providing fresh air at 20 l/s/p with a maximum external air temp of 32°C.  Awaiting feedback from supply chain on possible adjustments and impact to other areas as a result. Customer feedback suggests this is more evident in the morning sessions. **NB changes have been made and we monitor closely and have locked off the control to prevent tampering with controls whilst we monitor**

Feedback: Introducing new classes onto the timetable eg. Stretch and more pilates

Action: Around 20 classes have been added to the timetable since opening in May 2021 . Class participation monitored on a weekly basis to assess viability. Additional classes added following feedback from centre users.

Feedback: The closure of the pool for weekends throughout the year and the balance of provision for the ordinary members of the community and those who live outside the Winchester District.

Action: Built with hosting competitions in mind for both aquatic and dry sports. WSLP has hosted a number of events so far from September 2021 not limited to The annual Paralympic Personal Best Event in October 2021, Swim England South East Championship Gala in November 2021, a number of Water Polo fixtures & British Triathlon training event. We continue to receive a high number of enquiries about facility hire and are keen to balance the programme of events with that of community usage. We have tried to accommodate as much as possible noting that as a result of covid restrictions competitive events have been delayed. We will post any programme closures on our website. Moving forward we want to balance the use of both community and competition usage

Feedback: Deep cleaning in the gym & addition of extra bins. 

Action: In house cleaning schedule in place alongside external contractor operations. In addition we continue to ask gym users and group exercise participants to wipe down their equipment after use. We have reviewed our cleaning schedules and hope this helps with the cleaning standards throughout the gym and have purchased additional bins for users.

Feedback: Plans for the future and further development of the centre. It would be good if reported “points to improve on”  could be shared  or circulated to all members so that folks know when an issue or suggestion  has been reported and what management plan to do about it.    

Action: Customer Viewpoint feedback summary to be posted on our website for users.