Filming at Westway

Everyone Active runs the sports facilities beneath the Westway. As we navigate these difficult times as a community Everyone Active is acutely aware of the impact that the closure of our facilities is having on the communities we’re here to serve. In many ways remaining active had never been more important – which is why the current national guidelines can be frustrating for many of us.

Throughout the lockdown, and as government guidelines change, we have been in close discussion with our landlords, Westway Trust, to explore ways of making our facilities accessible despite the strict guidelines placed on us by government and health authorities. We are thankful for Westway Trust’s full engagement and guidance through a deeply challenging time for all concerned, especially as they advocate strongly on behalf of the local community.

Under the current national guidelines filming is permitted. In line with the enforced national lockdown ruling, film and TV productions are cleared to continue their work during the national lockdown by following the approved COVID-19 guidance. This includes filming at locations such as Westway Sports Centre. All government advised processes and guidance have been and will continue to be fully followed by all crew, centre and site staff.

We must follow the law. While we understand the frustration within the community at not being able to play sports at the centre, particularly football on the outside pitches, and have heard these concerns clearly from residents and Westway Trust, we have to abide by the law and currently, that is not to facilitate any sports. We also understand and regret the mixed message that filming on the pitches may bring to our community.

Westway Trust as out landlords and Everyone Active as the team that run your vital facilities are looking forward to the centre re-opening and welcoming the community back to enjoy the facilities and continue their sports, as we are all passionate about keeping our communities active, bu only when it is safe to do so and according to the law.