Free activities for local residents as Harrow named third most stressful borough in London

Battling London’s killer commute, dealing with a high-pressured and competitive job scene and keeping up with the astronomical price of living would take its toll on anyone. It’s therefore little surprise that a recent Babylon Health survey revealed that Harrow is the third most stressed borough in London.

While stress is part and parcel of life, for many it can become overwhelming, having a real impact on quality of life. Indeed, research has shown that around 12 million adults in the UK see their GP with mental health problems each year.

This Stress Awareness Month is about raising awareness of the effects of stress and sharing coping mechanisms to help people in their daily tasks. Everyone Active is keen to get on board, looking to offer Harrow residents fun activities to de-stress throughout April for free.

At Harrow Leisure Centre, the team will be offering Yoga sessions every Monday at 11.45am and Pilates sessions every Wednesday at 8pm. The GP referral team will also be on hand to deliver exercise taster sessions and will be giving talks on how to deal with stress.

At Bannister Sports Centre, the team will be offering a taster Dance Stress Busters class in partnership with Learn Harrow on Monday 22nd April at 10am. The programme has been specifically designed to include modern dance exercise with fun movements and techniques. It combines the benefits of fitness, relaxation and breathing in an entertaining way. On Wednesday 24th April at 10am, the team will be offering a chair yoga class. The session is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support.

“We want to show Harrow residents that regular exercise can help during stressful and anxious times. As well as being a great physical workout, the act of yoga and mindfulness for example increases overall good health and wellness and can provide people with a renewed outlook following even a short class. We hope to see residents from all walks of life come through our doors to destress.”

Everyone Active Contract Manager, John Sewell

To find out more information please contact Harrow Leisure Centre on 020 8901 5980 or Bannister Sports Centre on 020 8428 7931. Classes can also be booked via the the Everyone Active app.

If you would like to try a free exercise taster session with the GP referral team please email