January 2021 Fitness Challenges

Kick start your 2021 New Years Resolutions with Januarys online fitness challenges!

We have up to 5 different challenges for you to take on this month…

The First Step 2021 – Step Challenge

First Step Challenge
Start your journey to a fitter, healthier you in 2021 by boosting your daily step count.
Your challenge is to reach as high a step count as you can during January.

Melt Away The Calories – Calorie Burning Challenge

Ladies and men in exercise class
January 2021 is the time to get active, get a little (or a lot) sweaty and melt away the winter calories!
How many calories can you burn this January?

Running Resolutions 2021 – Running Challenge

Ladies and men enjoying running outdoors in winter
Make sure that your New Years resolution is one you can run with!
Get yourself off to a flying start in 2021 by seeing how many running miles you can log during January.

Cycle The London Underground – Cycling Challenge

Cycle the London underground. Cyclist on a London Tube Train.
The London Underground network spans 402km or 250miles.
How far can you cover during January, can you complete the whole network?

Swim Loch Ness – Swimming Challenge

Can you swim Loch Ness’ entire 36.3km length before Nessie catches up with you and drags you into the deep? Take on our January swim challenge to find out.