Jump into action this New Year

Need some help sticking to your New Year’s resolutions? Start with the best intentions to stick to your fitness goals but lose motivation? Our Everyone Active experts are on hand to provide you with tips on the best ways to kick start or refresh your fitness journey.

Everyone Active’s fitness manager, James Sexton, has provided those looking to get into the gym some tips to ensure you start 2019 as you mean to go on.

  • Try not to change too much at once – small sustainable changes are always the best way to ensure progress is long term. Once progress starts to plateau with the changes you have made, introduce another healthy change.
  • Always eat breakfast – It is your first opportunity of the day to speed up your metabolism, so make sure you take this opportunity to ensure additional calories are burned throughout the day.
  • Eat natural – If it lives or grows, then generally it is a great food choice. Anything that has had human interference to make it taste nicer/last longer, is likely to be less healthy. Is there anything within your diet that you could change to a natural food such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts and pulses?
  • Don’t avoid training certain muscle groups in the gym – Whatever your fitness goal may be, try to include all of the major muscle groups in your workouts.
  • Use intervals for your cardio workouts – By swapping between periods of low intensity (slow walk/low resistance cycle etc) and high intensity (steep hill walk/sprint that gets you breathless within 1 minute), this will create a larger impact on your metabolism post workout than doing steady state cardio (such as a moderate hill walk).

There are a range of fitness activities available across the region including group cycling, yoga and state-of-the-art gym facilities. For more information please give your local centre a call on 01442 507100.

Kickstarting or improving in the pool can be intimidating but Everyone Active’s swim manager Gemma Hughes would encourage anyone thinking of getting into the water to consider adult swimming lessons.

“I know that learning to swim as an adult can be quite intimidating,” Hughes said. “We’ve worked hard to ensure our swimming lessons provide an environment that builds confidence with supportive teachers.

“I would say to anyone wanting to learn to swim should come and speak to a swimming teacher for a consultation or advice. Our teachers create a relaxed and fun environment that can help anyone that is scared of the water. Give yourself time too, learning a new skill requires practice and patience but you will get there.”

Across the Leisure Centres in Dacorum, Everyone Active is running a series of adult swimming lessons aimed at beginners through to advanced swimmers.

In Hemel Hempstead, there are six new classes which run on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and drop-in sessions run on Wednesdays at 12:15pm.

The team at Berkhamsted are running classes on Thursdays and Fridays which include bookable sessions and drop-in sessions.

For more information or to meet with a teacher please contact the centre on 01442 507100 or email [email protected]