Lammas skaters spin their way ahead of the competition

10 skaters from Lammas Leisure Centre travelled to Bradford to take part in the Solo Ice Event on Saturday 26 March and Sunday 27 March.

The competition attracts over 100 skaters from across the country each year. Skaters from Everyone Active’s Lammas Skate Club twirled, span and jumped in a bid to achieve a podium finish.

The skate team took part in 10 pattern dance & free dance events, and achieved nine medals, including young skaters Caitlin & Danielle who danced into second place in the young star level three pattern & free dance categories, and Reece who achieved second place in the men’s juvenile free dance event.

“All of our skaters train so hard every week, and we are incredibly proud of what they achieved at this Solo Ice Dance Event. We look forward to continuing our training ahead of our next competition at the 51st Blackpool Ice Skating Festival, over the Easter holidays.”

Gemma Kerry, Ice-skating Coach at Everyone Active’s Lammas Leisure Centre