Leisure operator keeping you active in later life

A local leisure operator offers a range of sports for members of the community who are looking to take part in physical activity after suffering an injury, or are later on in their sporting careers.

Everyone Active, who manages Hucknall Leisure Centre in partnership with Ashfield District Council has recognised the demand for more accessible sports to be available for local people across the district.

Walking sports have become increasingly popular as they provide an opportunity for people to take part in the sports they love, in a safe and injury-free environment.

Walking Football and Walking Cricket are slower-paced and low-impact and are designed to be accessible to people of all ages or those whose mobility is more limited.

The centre hosts Walking Cricket every Tuesday from 11.30am and Walking Football on Monday’s from 9.30am and Thursday’s from 9.00am. The sessions are attended by men from 52-69 years old.

The ‘Hucknall Geri-Hat-tricks’ football team, organised by Peter Stevenson recently entered the Trent Bridge Walking Cricket Festival, taking home the trophy. “Walking Football and Cricket are great fun and provide a fantastic opportunity for sports lovers to play the games they love, in a gentle but still competitive way.” Explains Peter.

“I grew up playing sport and now that I am retired I have far more time to take part in physical activity. The sessions are great for keeping me active, but I love meeting friends along the way.”

Deanna Housley Everyone Active’s general manager, said: “We have seen the popularity of walking sports rocket in recent months, and I am delighted that the ‘Hucknall Geri-Hat-Tricks came first at the cricket festival.

“Walking Football and Cricket are really fun and accessible sports and I really enjoy watching people getting back into the sports they once loved.”

To find out more about the Walking Football and Cricket sessions, call Hucknall Leisure Centre on 01159 568 750.