March Fitness Challenges

Spring into action this March! Keeping marching forwards with your fitness this month, take on a new challenge and see where it will take you.

Whether it’s step tracking, calorie smashing, swimming, running or cycling – we’ve got you covered!

Put a Spring in Your Step – Step Challenge

Step challenge, walking dog through spring meadow

Embrace the changing of the seasons and (hopefully) warmer weather by clocking up as many steps as possible this March. How many can you track?

Use your regular country walks and city strolls to boost your daily step count and increase your overall activity levels. Connect your Fitbit or Misfit device to your profile to track your steps automatically, or add a ‘walking’ activity to your planner to track them manually.

Mash Those March Calories

Lady exercising in the gym on a cross trainer as part of a Calories Challenge

How many calories can you burn in all of your exercise during March?

All activity counts, simply track it in your planner or via a connected device such as Fitbit, Strava or MapMyRun to enter. Log your activities in your fitness planner to keep track of your progress.

Swim It! Swim Distance Challenge

Lady swimming in clear blue pool. View from above.

Make a splash in the pool this March and see how far your lengths can take you!

All swimming activity counts, track it via a connected device such as Fitbit, Strava or MapMyRun, or add a swim distance manually in your planner.

Map Your March Mileage – Run Challenge

Runner lacing up her trainers ready for a run challenge

We’re challenging you to lace up your running shoes, fire up your fitness tracker and boost your running mileage during March. What distance can you achieve?

All running activity counts, simply track via a connected device such as Fitbit, Strava or MapMyRun, or log a running distance manually in your planner.

Cycling Centurian – 100 mile Cycle Challenge

Lady cycling on country road

On yer bike! We’re challenging you to clock up 100 miles by 31st March 2024 using pedal power alone.

Will you become a cycling centurion? Can you reach a double or even a triple century? The further you go the higher up the leader board you will climb.

All cycling activity counts, simply track it via a connected device such as Fitbit, Strava or MapMyRun, or log a cycling distance manually in your planner.