NEW Toning Suite

Watford Leisure Centre – WOODSIDE is pleased to announce the opening of our new toning suite, featuring revolutionary Shape master power assisted equipment.

Our completely unique 30 minute workout uses power assisted equipment to provide the most innovative way to lose weight. The new toning suite includes:

  • Ten Toning Chairs
  • Six Power Tone Machines
  • Two Toning Tables
  • Dedicated balance/stretch area with associated functional equipment
  • Power plates

Woodside Toning Suite

We will be providing instruction, supported low impact exercise programmes and specific circuit pre-defined 30 minute classes for older adults that are new to exercise.

Ideal for helping with:

  • Osteoporosis through minor resistance
  • Mobility and joint problems
  • Poor posture, muscle tone problems, lumber and core strengthening using Pilates techniques through Power Tone machines
  • Stretching
  • Lower limb strength
  • Upper body conditioning
  • GP Referral patients
  • MS and Parkinson’s patients

In addition to all these great qualities we will be offering founder membership packages which includes a VIP tour of the facilities upon completion a well as exclusive member benefits.