Our Pledge

Our vision is to help improve the health, happiness and wellbeing of residents within the local area.

By working in partnership with local authorities, each participating Everyone Active centre will deliver five pledges to support children, adults and volunteers to develop and improve the local community. Beginning in February 2020 and finishing 31st March 2021, if you would like to be involved in helping to deliver these pledges, or would like more information on how we can support you with a local project, please get in touch.

You can see all of our pledges below:


Participating centres: Festival Hall Leisure Centre, Hucknall Leisure Centre, Lammas Leisure Centre and Edgewood Leisure Centre.

  • 2021 children and young people will learn a lifesaving skill
  • 2021 people from target areas will be supported to exercise back to health
  • 2021 inactive people will be encouraged to move more
  • 2021 hours will be designated to volunteering in the community
  • By 2021 colleagues will be mental health first aid trained


Participating centres: Melton Sports Village and Waterfield Leisure Centre.

  • To deliver CPR/AED training to 2021 children/adults
  • To provide £2021 worth of funding for LG training to young children
  • 2021 attendances of group exercise to people ages 17-25
  • 2021 sessions of free swimming will be allocated to the “actives families scheme”
  • Donate 2021 items of food to Melton storehouse

Nuneaton & Bedworth

Participating centres: Bedworth Leisure Centre, Etone Sports Centre, Jubilee Sports Centre, Nuneaton Academy Sports Centre and Pingles Leisure Centre.

  • 2021 children aged 16 or under trained in CPR at Everyone Active leisure centres
  • 2021 children who can swim 25 metres aged 7 to 11 years old through Everyone Active swimming lessons
  • 2021 people who have participated in free activity who live in the 6 deprived areas identified by Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough council as LSOAs
  • £2021 of funding provided for free activity for people affected by health inequalities such as dementia, mental health, loneliness and isolation
  • £2021 of funding provided for NPLQ courses for young people aged 16 to 21 years old

East Staffordshire

Participating centres: Meadowside Leisure Centre, and Uttoxeter Leisure Centre.

  • Increase the number of health walks in the Borough and deliver an additional 2021 miles of walks
  • By 2021 all managers will be mental health first aid trained
  • 2021 Inactive people will be encouraged to move more
  • 2021 Young people to learn a new lifesaving skill
  • 2021 hours will be designated to volunteering in the community


Participating centre: Daventry Leisure Centre.

  • Deliver 2021 hours of Activity on Referral and cardiac rehab support.
  • Deliver 2021 hours of 50+ activity
  • Provide £2021 of sponsorship and improvements to local sporting clubs.
  • Run 2021 hours of events for local schools and communities.
  • 2021 inactive people will encouraged to move more.

West Lindsey

Participating centres: De Aston Sports Centre and West Lindsey Leisure Centre.

  • 2021 children will take part in Fit Kids
  • 2021 inactive people will be encouraged to move more
  • 2021 hours will be designated to volunteering in the community
  • 2021 people from priority wards will be supported to exercise
  • By 2021 all colleagues will be Dementia Friends