Teaching Pool Refurbishment

Westminster City Council and Everyone Active have been working closely on an exciting project to renovate the iconic Porchester Hall Teaching Pool. We are pleased to announce that following consultation, the work will include an investment of just over £400,000.

The proposed changes aim to enhance the accessibility of the pool and upgrade the existing features. These include:

  • Reconfiguring the pool as a deck level pool (so the water meets the side of the pool surround)
    with a step entrance into the water. The new pool configuration will make it easier for those with
    mobility issues as well as parents, babies and young children to enter and leave the pool without
    needing to use a ladder.
  • Re-tiling the pool tank and poolside surrounds. The walls and the roof frame will also be
    redecorated and the air handling systems and pool pumps will be upgraded.
  • Adjusting the profile of the pool depth to make it more accessible and to increase usage. The pool
    depth will be 1 metre at the shallow end and gradually sloping to 1.5 metres at the deep end. In
    order to facilitate the deck level pool configuration the pool will be made slightly shorter in length. The new pool will be 20 metres long instead of the current 25 metres.

These works demonstrate a significant investment at the Porchester Centre and will help to future proof the facility for many years to come.

With the exciting times ahead with the new teaching pool being built we have put the following plans in place to ensure you can continue your swimming lessons or lane swimming with the minimum
amount of disruption to both the children and adults alike. We need to keep the children swimming; to ensure that the valuable skills learnt through the Learn to Swim Programme are not lost, whilst still having lanes available for adult swimming.

We appreciate there is always an element of disruption whilst we undertake works of this nature and we would like to thank you in advance for your patience during this time.

We will be moving all lessons into the main pool during this time and introducing teaching platforms that will be placed into the pool to ensure younger children can feel confident in the deeper water.

Diagram of the main pool, which we will implement during lesson time. Some lane space may change during swimming lesson times due to the different stages that are scheduled.

Porchester Pool Layout