Velodrome FAQ`s

What equipment do I need to ride on the Velodrome?

The bikes are all equipped with toe clips and straps, so you just need to wear flat soled shoes, such as trainers. Helmets are also available to hire for the same cost as the bike hire, but you can bring your own. You need to wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions and track mitts / long finger gloves depending on the season.

What is the pricing for the Velodrome

  • 1h Session / Own Bike – £4.65
  • 1h Session / Hire Bike – £6.30
  • 1h Exclusive Track Rental – £42.00 / £35.00 Go-Ride Affiliated Clubs
  • 1h Commercial Track Rental – £63.00

What is the process for signing onto a session?

Prior to the session you must pay at the main reception for the session you want to participate in. From there you can make your way across to the Velodrome. If the session is coach-led, the coach will be there to meet you and sort out the hire bike / adjustments as required.

What is accreditation and how do I become accredited?

At Middlesbrough the accreditation is a test of track cycling compentancy to ensure you have the sufficient skills to be able to join in with group sessions and ride as part of a small group. Accredition sessions are ran on a Monday evening to meet demand. Check with the delivering coach for more infomation, you can find the accrediation criteria on Tab 4 of this document