Young children flourish during local swimming lessons

Harriet and Sebastian Smith have just discovered the world under the sea thanks to confidence drawn from an excellent learn to swim programme.

They have been a regular part of swimming lessons at Hart Leisure Centre for the past four years and with proud parents Duncan and Becky encouraging their every stroke they have developed into children that love the water.

“My wife and I thought it was important for the children to learn the vital life skill of swimming as soon as they could. We took them to Hart Leisure Centre and found the lessons a great environment for the children to develop. From the start it was a really nurturing environment, allowing both Harriet and Sebastian to progress through the stages, with committed and persistent teachers who are always trying their best to help all the children improve.”

Duncan Smith

Harriet (8) and Sebastian (6) have just returned from a holiday in France where they not only played confidently in the pool but also went snorkelling in the Mediterranean Sea with their Dad.

It was an experience their Dad describes as a ‘new adventure’ for the family and he was thrilled that they could experience snorkelling together safe in the knowledge they had such a strong foundation of skills from their lesson programme.

“The teaching has given both Sebastian and Harriet the foundation to explore the water with confidence. We went on holiday and they felt happy to come and snorkel with me. It was really their first exploration of the sea and it was so fantastic to experience that with them. I was glowing and my heart was melting. I was so proud of them. I am a big fan of snorkelling and to share that with them both with confidence that they could swim really was a special moment for me during the holiday. We are so grateful for the teachers who gave our children the foundations for a love of swimming and now we can start a new adventure to discover what the world is like under the sea.”

Duncan Smith