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Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign has once again teamed up with Everyone Active to bring fitness classes to women aged 14-60 at a number of centres up and down the country. As part of this year’s campaign, each 60-minute fitness class is divided into separate sections, including Dance fitness, Boxing fitness, Move, Tone and Yoga-inspired stretch, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. There’s no big equipment, no tough challenges, no moves you don’t understand. Just smiles, laughs and the odd wrong step.

What is the This Girl Can Campaign?

The This Girl Can campaign aims to encourage women aged 14-60 who may have fallen out of love with exercise or activity – for whatever reason – to get back on board and start enjoying getting active again. It does this through a series of national initiatives run in partnership with leisure providers like us here at Everyone Active – running female-only fitness classes and activities in leisure centres all over the country to help break down some of the barriers between you and enjoying getting active again.

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What does the Latest This Girl Can Campaign Involve?

This year, Everyone Active has partnered with the This Girl Can campaign to bring you this fantastic opportunity to enjoy fitness classes with Everyone Active and This Girl Can. Each 60-minute class is divided into blocks, featuring different exercise types – including boxing, Yoga-like stretching, toning, dancing and move fitness – which means there really is something for everyone.

Within each class, an emphasis is put on making sure they’re enjoyable and accessible, too. This is a key facet of the This Girl Can campaign – making exercise and activity fun and removing some of the stigma around competition. Don’t know the the difference between a a downward-facing dog and a grapevine? It doesn’t As long as you’re out there enjoying it, you’ll learn together.

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How Can you get Involved?

Booking opens on 24th January 2022, with classes beginning from 7th February at the centres listed below and getting involved with the This Girl Can classes is easy! Whether you’re a full member, a pay-as-you-go member or aren’t a member with us at all.

For full- and pay-as-you-go members, all you have to do is book in the same way as you would any other class – by going to the relevant centre page either on the web or on the app, searching for the This Girl Can class and booking the timeslot you’d like. Alternatively, if you’re not a member with us, you can join on a pay-as-you-go or full-time basis and complete exactly the same steps.

Discover more information on how to book a class.

Where can you get involved?

If you want to get involved with these This Girl Can classes with Everyone Active, they’re available at the following centres: