Casual climbing

Casual Climbing

If you already know the ropes or have completed the Beginners Climbing Course then you can climb at Westway unsupervised as a Casual Climber.

You’ll need to register and complete a Climbing Competency Test by showing us that you can put on a harness, tie in and belay.  This can be done at the centre at any time during our opening hours.  It takes around 5-10 minutes to register and take the test.

Registered Competent Climbers can supervise up to two people (juniors or adults) in the wall.

Please note, those accompanying Competent Climbers cannot climb unsupervised or belay until they are Competent Climbers themselves.

To climb casually visit us during our opening times and pay at reception.

 Casual Entry Peak Off Peak
Adult £11.50 £10.50
Concession adult £8.50 £7.50