Outdoor workshops


Please note that these workshops are not currently available but will be coming later in the year.

Skills Workshops for Climbing Outdoors

These are the workshops you wish you’d done before you started climbing outdoors!  Learn the skills you need to get yourself out of tricky situations.

Our coaches cover one of the following topics each week:

  • Prusik and Ascending: find out how to get out of sticky situations with essential prusik and ascending skills.
  • Abseiling: avoid the number one cause of climbing accidents by learning how to descend the rope safely.
  • Sport Re-threading: learn how to thread the bolts at the top of a climb safely.
  • Anchors: learn how to set up an equalised anchor system correctly for bottom roping at crags.
  • Multi-pitch anchors: learn how to set up and use anchors on multi-pitch routes

Sessions run from 7-9pm every Monday and there’s a different workshop each week. Workshops have a 1:4 coach to student ratio.