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Got the climbing bug?

Tiny Tots Climbing Club (5–6 years old)

For children aged 5-6 who are really committed to learning to climb, there’s Tiny Tots club, where kids will get to climb with the same coach and friends each week. Space at the club is really limited so you’ll need to book in advance for each term. The club takes place with a ratio of 1 instructor : 4 children.

NICAS – National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (7-11 years old)

For kids that are mad about climbing they’ll get a chance to do weekly sessions with the same coach and progress through a structured syllabus.

National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS) gives your child the skills they need to become a competent, confident climber.  And it’s a real chance to achieve an award, meet other young climbers and develop their team-working skills. This scheme takes place with a ratio of 1 instructor : 6 children.

There are five NICAS levels and each level takes at least one term. Each child needs to pass Level 1 before moving up to the higher stages.

When they pass a level, they’re awarded a certificate and move on to the higher level with a new group at the start of the next term.

NICAS Level 4 & 5 are advanced sessions for students who’ve passed level 3 and want to begin learning lead climbing (they don’t have to move on to Level 4 – its fine for them to stay in their Level 3 group).

NICAS (12+ years old)

If you’re already a keen junior climber and want to pass your Junior Test (you can once you’re 14), The Session is for you.  You’ll get plenty of wall-time with your mates and a real chance to sharpen up your climbing skills. This scheme takes place with a ratio of 1 instructor : 4 children.

Each climber needs a NICAS book that gives them all the background on each level. Please see the costs of the books below.

Junior program Price
Tiny tots 5-6yrs (Term time only) £15.00 (per session)
NICAS 7-11 (Term time only) £16.00 (per session)
NICAS 12+ (Term time only) £19.00 (per session)
NICAS Book level 1-3 £7.50
NICAS Book level 4-5 £7.50

NIBAS (National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme) is coming soon and we will offer this product from April onwards. Westway is a NICAS & NIBAS Primary Centre and one of the few walls in the country that is able to offer the complete syllabus for these awards.

To book or find out more about any of the activities above please visit us in centre, email or call 020 8969 0992.

NICAS Terms & Conditions

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Bookings for NICAS are made on to a respective level.
All participants will start on leve

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