Developmental Performance


Aim high

Developmental Performance Sessions offer a competitive and structured environment with a consistent group of dedicated players working through progressive drills, points and tactical play. Each weekly session covers a tactical theme with individual technical teaching points as well as a strength & conditioning program.

Children must participate in tournament play, achieve a relevant national rating and ranking and have a minimum attendance of 80% for all sessions. These squads require a minimum of a term’s commitment and attendance of three sessions per week. All players are expected to follow the Westway Tennis code of conduct.

Session Day Time Price
10 under Wed 5-6:30pm £25
10 under Tue & Thur 4-6pm £25
11 & over Mon 7-8pm £25
11 & over Wed 6:30pm £25
11 & over Tue & Thur 6-8pm £25
Access Academy Mon-Fri 7-9am, 2-4pm £32
Academy Full Time Available on request

For more info please contact Jorge Hernandez