What is the Everyone Active Pledge?

Our aim is to continue taking care of our customers and colleagues and support our local communities by keeping you active, healthy and by supporting your mental wellbeing.

We also want to build for a better future, by playing our part in tackling the climate emergency in front of us.

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With the easing of restrictions at our centres and facilities, we want to give full assurance to our customers that we will take care of them and help in the transition period back to everyday activities.

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  • We pledge to work closely with our local authority partners to do our part in creating a cleaner and greener environment through our Net-Zero strategy
  • We pledge to create healthier and more active communities across the UK and provide essential support the less advantaged groups within those communities
  • We pledge to provide a happy and friendly place for our customers and colleagues, offering them a safe and welcoming environment every day of the year