Climbing with Everyone Active

Climbing is an excellent way to give both your body and mind a complete workout. It engages and works all muscle groups simultaneously, using both fast and slow-twitch muscles, helping to build strength and endurance. It can also improve your balance and co-ordination, as well as increase your mental control and problem-solving ability.

Indoor Climbing

Indoor climbing on artificial structures that aim to mimic the experience of outdoor rock is a fun, safe and social way to try the sport for the first time. It will help build your confidence, improve your skills, or just get you a little practice. Indoors, hand and foot holds are easily visible, in contrast with a natural wall, where finding a good hold may be a challenge.

Many of our leisure centres are equipped with indoor walls and have trained staff on hand to teach the necessary safety techniques, as well as climbing gear available for rent or to buy. Several also offer junior, disability and adult sessions where you can meet others who want to learn and build on their climbing experience. Furthermore, indoor climbing is also ideal for holding active kids’ parties, which mean you can enjoy all the fun, but without the fuss (or, indeed, the mess.)

Clip ‘n Climb

Some centres also offer Clip ‘n Climb facilities that add a splash of colour as well as a huge variety of climbing. Clip ‘n Climb is perfect for everyone – whatever their age or experience, while at centres with these facilities, we also offer a fantastic range of kid’s parties, which are fantastic fun, keep the children active and means you don’t have to deal with any of the clearing up.

To find your nearest centre, click here. You can book sessions via the app, or online, as well as contacting the centre directly.


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