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Everyone Active is a leading leisure management company. We specialise in the development and management of over 150 leisure and cultural facilities across the UK in partnership with 45 local authorities.


We are as passionate about our people as we are about encouraging everyone to take part in activity. Employees are our greatest asset – they are a representation of our brand and are what help to drive our business forward. We refer to them as ‘colleagues’ and it’s our aim to develop them in a way that enables each individual to realise their potential.


All of our colleagues share the same passion – to get more people active and to help improve the health and wellbeing of our nation. We’ve made it our mission to encourage more people to participate in 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, five times a week.

Our Values:

green_tick Inclusive – we offer the widest range of affordable activities to enable everyone to be active.

green_tick Supportive – we proactively help our members and colleagues to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

green_tick Positive – we create a friendly environment in which living an active lifestyle is an uplifting experience.

green_tick Progressive – we lead the way in developing holistic and innovative activity programmes so our colleagues and members can sustain a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re interested in helping us to achieve our goals, why not find out more about our current job opportunities? All of our vacancies can be found in the Everyone Active portals at:

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We are committed to both service quality and people development. This is illustrated by the company’s achievements in the independent assessments of ‘Quest’, ‘Investors in People’ and ‘BSEN ISO 9002’.


Fast Facts:

  • Our sickness and absence rate is just 2.25%, compared with the industries overall rate of 4.2%
  • Our colleague turnover is just 1.59%
  • 96% of our colleagues understand what our organisation is trying to achieve
  • 95% of our colleagues understand their part in achievement the business objectives


The company has assembled a team of highly skilled and energetic managers. Each has adopted a leadership-driven management style, with the development and empowerment of individuals as its core philosophy.

Colleague_member_smallWHAT WE LOOK FOR

Quite simple, we only employ people who are as passionate about our vision as we are and share our values. We want to provide the best experience for our members through friendly and approachable colleagues who are an expert within their field.


We offer various training and development opportunities for all our colleagues, which is one of the key aspects to our success. There are a series of both mandatory and optional training and development activities that are designed to enable every colleague to succeed and to fulfill their potential. One our values is ‘to celebrate our successes’ and we want to provide our colleagues with every opportunity to do exactly that.


green_tickFree membership – to over 150 centres nationwide

green_tickFree online access – to all classes, workouts and training plans online

green_tick25% off – sports coaching courses, swimming lessons and Fit For Sport activity camps for our colleagues’ children during school holidays

green_tickTeam building days – with senior management leading by example to demonstrate a healthy work/life balance