Corporate Social Responsibility

We aim to create a positive impact on the communities in which we work. As part of this, we are committed to behaving ethically and contributing to economic development within these neighbourhoods. We also work hard to improve the quality of life of our staff members and their families, as well as that of the wider community.


Leisure centres by their nature are large consumers of energy. We recognise the need to reduce our energy consumption wherever possible, and are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimising waste and providing an environmentally-sustainable service to our members, whether directly or through partner companies who share the same commitment.

As well as implementing green initiatives, we monitor and measure all impacting material we procure, use and discharge. We set ourselves ambitious yet realistic targets for improvement, constantly striving to maximise our contribution towards a greener planet for the benefit of all.

Our track record of success in this area is thanks to our partnerships, our commitment to technical excellence, our desire for quality and customer satisfaction, and the hard work and commitment of our dedicated staff.

Everyone Active’s Net-Zero Strategy

Discover how our Net-Zero strategy will make us a cleaner, greener business for everyone. See our Net-Zero Strategy

Charity fundraising

We are committed to supporting charities at both local and national level. As a business, we support one charity each year, but each of our leisure centres is encouraged to also support its own local causes.

Everyone Active has started a year-long partnership with Dementia UK – the only charity that provides specialist dementia nurse support through their Admiral Nurse service.

Dementia UK

For more information, or if you want to make a donation, please visit our charity page.

Everyone Active Pay Equality

Here at Everyone Active, we value each of our colleagues equally and do not in any way discriminate against anyone, whether that’s over gender, race, disability, age, sex, sexual orientation or religion and treat any such instances with the utmost seriousness.

In line with this policy, all colleagues are paid in accordance with the value of their role to the business, not the person. click here to view the full report.