Fun Ways to Improve Your Tennis Skills Away from the Court!

While you may think that just spending as much time as possible on the court is the best and only way to improve your tennis, there is loads you can do without picking up a tennis racket at all. In this video, Mark Sheppard – the head of strength and conditioning at Everyone Active’s Westway Sports and Fitness Centre – takes us through a selection of exercises you can do away from the court to make yourself a better tennis player.

One of the key things in tennis is the ability to manoeuvre quickly and easily round the court and getting your footwork right is just as important as the ability to hit the ball properly, while it’s also really important to work on your flexibility, your shot technique and the way you move your arms without actually hitting the ball, so that the correct technique becomes second nature, rather than forced.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, there are plenty of ways to improve your tennis skills even when you can’t be on the court. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are five fun and engaging activities to enhance your tennis game, no racket required. Let’s dive in!

1. Strengthen Your Body with Cross-Training

Tennis requires not only skill but also a strong and agile body. When you can’t be on the court, why not try some cross-training exercises to build your strength, flexibility, and stamina? Activities like running, cycling, swimming, or even yoga can help improve your overall fitness and enhance your performance on the tennis court. Get the whole family involved and turn it into a fun and healthy competition!

2. Visualise Success with Mental Training

Did you know that mental training is just as important as physical training in tennis? Take some time away from the court to work on your mental game. Visualise yourself executing perfect shots, staying focused, and maintaining a positive mindset. Meditation, mindfulness exercises, and even watching professional tennis matches can all help improve your mental toughness and boost your confidence when you do step back onto the court.

3. Improve Your Footwork with Agility Drills

Footwork is the foundation of any good tennis player. Fortunately, you can work on your agility even without a racket or a ball. Set up some agility drills at home or in your backyard. You can use cones, ladders, or even household items to create your own obstacle course. Challenge yourself by focusing on quick lateral movements, explosive sprints, and precise changes of direction. Not only will this improve your footwork, but it will also make you sharper and more agile on the tennis court.

4. Enhance Your Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is essential in tennis, and there are several activities you can do to improve it. Grab a tennis ball and practice juggling it with your hands, against a wall, or bounce it off the ground while keeping your eyes locked on it. You can also try playing other sports like table tennis or badminton, which require similar hand-eye coordination skills. It’s a fantastic way to stay active and have fun while enhancing your tennis abilities.

5. Watch and Learn from the Pros

When you can’t physically be on the tennis court, why not take the time to watch and learn from the pros? From watching classic matches to analysing the techniques of top players, observing tennis can teach you valuable lessons about strategy, shot selection, and footwork. Take notes, pay attention to their movements, and try to incorporate their techniques into your own game when you get back on the court. It’s a great way to stay connected to tennis and fuel your love for the sport.

Remember, improvement doesn’t always happen on the court. By engaging in these activities away from the court, you’ll be strengthening your body, sharpening your mind, and developing essential skills that will enhance your performance when you step back onto the tennis court. Stay active, have fun, and keep working on your game. Your next victory awaits!

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