Staying fit with the family – Part 2

Here are four more activities to help you keep the family on their toes!

Wheelbarrow Races & Piggyback Races

Always great fun, no matter how old you are. A brilliant full body workout.

Wheelbarrow Race

Place your hands on the floor and someone picks up your feet. Walk on your hands. This can be a race or just see who can go the furthest!

Piggyback Races

Jump carefully on a willing participant’s back and off you go. This can also be a fireman’s carry if you want to try something different.


Yes, get your rope out! Skipping is a fantastic activity for improving cardio fitness, speed and agility and what’s more there are so many techniques to try.

  • Individual skipping,
  • Doubles: two people in one rope each person holds a handle and skip together or use a long rope with one person at each end and one- or two people skipping in the middle.
  • There are loads of fun songs and rhymes to try to make this more fun.
  • Techniques – basic jump, jogging, side to side bounce, hopping, high knee run, cross hand skip, side swings, double under, scissors, tuck jump ….

Crab Football

This is loads of fun and a great full body strength workout. All you need is a ball and something for a goal post.  This is also great fun indoors with a balloon.

  • Find a space and mark out two small goals.
  • Sit on your bottom and place your feet on the floor and hands behind you. Lift your bottom up off the floor taking the weight on hands and feet.
  • The aim is to try and score in the other team’s goal moving in this position only. Rest your bottom down whenever you need a rest.

Chalk Spots

Simple but effective, this is fantastic for agility, coordination and speed and can be done on the pavement outside or in the garden.  All you need is some chalk and dice

  • Hopscotch – use stones to roll on to numbers which you will have to avoid each time you hopscotch. On the way back balance and pick up the stone before you go back to the start.  For those wanting more of a challenge, draw your hopscotch with a 20-30cm gap between each number to make it harder.  Try odd number challenges or two times table challenges
  • Steppingstones – draw out steppingstones in a line, circle or grid, anything goes. Try to move across the steppingstones as quickly as possible. Add numbers or colours and only step on these. Try mixing this with catching games, each time you land on a new spot someone throws something you have to catch and throw back before moving to the next stone.
  • Lines – draw single lines or double lines for everyone to walk on or follow. Have a go at walking forwards, backwards, hopping or whilst trying to balance something on your head.
  • Twister – mark out a 5×5 grid of 20 cm circles. If you don’t have different colours number 1-5. Everyone starts on the grid and one person is the dice master.