Staying fit with the family – Part 3

Here is the final part of our staying fit with the family series.

We hope these articles helped you keep the kids active this half term!

3-Legged Race

Yes, the old ones are the best, but here are a few alternative versions to try.  These work on balance, coordination and cardio fitness.

  • Crawling – tie the middle legs together then come down to your hands and feet or hands and knees and try and crawl to the end.
  • Each way – one person faces forwards one faces backwards tie the middle leg together and try to move to the end line.
  • Four legs – 3 people in a line. The middle person will have both legs tied to the person next to them.

Switch Races – All 4s & Reverse Bridge

This challenges upper body strength, core and cardio fitness. There are indoor and outdoor options.

  • Set out a distance, for big/long spaces put some markers in along the way for shorter distances do this as a ‘there and back’. Sit on your bottom, feet and hands on the floor and lift your bottom just off the floor. Race in this position to the first marker or end point (either forwards or sideways movement).  At the marker flip over to a press up position (all fours easier option) keeping one hand and foot on the floor at all times. Now move to the next marker or back to the start. Travel sideways in a press up or if crawling travel forwards headfirst. Keep switching position as you get to markers.
  • This can also be done indoors in a circle with a song or something repetitive. Pick a certain word which you must change position on.  Everyone moves round in the circle when you hear the word, switch position and go the other way. Try not to crash into the person next to you!

Leg Ladders

Perfect for cardio fitness, speed, agility and coordination. You will need a little bit for space to travel and at least three people.

  • One person stands and everyone else needs to lay on their back in a line with 30-40cm gap between them (this can be bigger depending on what exercise you use; how tall you are etc).
  • The standing person does two- footed jumps, hops or leaps over the first person’s legs and so on until the end of the ladder. They then lay down and the next person takes their turn.  Once you hit the end repeat back the other way
  • Options – lay on tummy so you need to press up to get up. Overs and under: jump over someone’s legs then the next person makes a bridge to crawl under. Hip lifts: sit with feet out hands behind and lift hips as high as you can person jumps over the lowest point. These are just a few ideas but why not get creative and try some different ones.