Top 5 Family Christmas Activities

For many of us, Christmas is a time when our families come together and enjoy one another’s company. But sometimes we need something to keep us active and entertained – maybe the kids are spending too long on their new games consoles, or you’re feeling a little bilious after over-indulging a little on the food and drink? Maybe you just want to enjoy one another’s company but try something different? Whatever the reason, give our top 5 family Christmas activities a go to shake up your Christmas and try something new – a bit of gentle activity could do you all the world of good!

Top 5 Family Christmas Activities

We’ve come up with five fantastic family Christmas activities that will help keep you moving over the festive period and enjoying something a little bit different!

Christmas Song Musical Chairs

family christmas activities musical chairs

This is an old party favourite that you can update with some of your favourite Christmas songs to make it feel more festive. All you need to do is put together a playlist of your favourite Christmas music – whether that’s a bit of Bublé, or Slade, or even some Wizzard – whatever you like to listen to at this time of year. Then, pull up enough chairs so that there’s one too few for those that are playing, have one person in charge of the music and begin! Once the music stops, everyone has to sit down and the person without a chair is out. Keep removing a chair every round until you get a winner! It’s a great Christmas activity for the whole family.

Reindeer Ring toss

family christmas activities reindeer ring toss

This family Christmas activity is simplicity itself. All you need to do is have a couple of volunteers wearing reindeer antlers (fake comedy ones, obviously, on a headband, or similar). Everyone else then takes turns to try and throw rings over their antlers from a set distance. Whoever scores the most hits is the winner!

Snowman Bowling

family christmas activities

This Christmas activity requires a bit of crafting if you enjoy that sort of thing (or have the time). Alternatively, you could just buy some snowman-shaped skittles. To make your skittles, get some empty tissue boxes, paint them white and stack them on top of one another. Forth head, use a smaller box and either use some orange card for a nose or paint a face on it to give it that realistic effect. Then, once you’ve got enough for everyone, roll balls towards your snowmen, whoever succeeds in destroying them most successfully, wins!

Jingle Bell Toss

family christmas activities jingle bell toss

There are a few similarities to the reindeer toss in this Christmas activity. The only difference is that, rather than antlers, you use plastic cups and instead of hoops, you use ‘jingle bells’ (or, cat toys – balls with bells in them). Just arrange your plastic cups a certain distance away, give each participant a specific colour of ball/bell (then you can tell whose is whose) and try and throw them into the plastic cups. Whoever gets the most into the cups, wins. Simple! If you want to complicate things slightly, you could assign a certain number of points to each cup, so the winner could be crowned by points – adding a little more strategy to proceedings.

Rudolph Race

family christmas activities reindeer race

On the face of it, this Christmas activity seems pretty simple. The winner is the first to get Rudolph’s ‘nose’ onto his picture. The catch? You can’t use your hands. So, how do you do it? Well, each player gets a red pom pom and a spoon with some Vaseline (other petroleum jelly products are available) on it. Each player then dips their nose into the Vaseline, attempts to stick the pom pom to their nose with said Vaseline (no hands, remember) and try and stick it to the appropriate place on the picture of Rudolph on the wall, which itself has been suitably Vaselined. A sort of festive update of pin the tail on the donkey, if you will… The first to manage this, wins!