Preparing for Chest Day

The ability to push is one of our fundamental movements. For some it forms part of a daily routine aimed at improving our everyday lives. For others, it’s the focus of a specific gym session based upon improving strength or physical appearance, chest day is a big part of that weekly gym grind. And in our latest series with Tom Eastham over at, preparation for pushing takes centre stage. With that in mind we wanted to share just two quick pointers to consider before watching the video on preparing to push.

1. Roll In, Roll Out

The first action in our prep should always be a follow up from the previous session. By utilising a foam roller with Power Plate, we can roll in some fluid in the form of blood and water, as well as rolling out those cobwebs from previous workouts or the daily stress placed upon our chest. Compressing the tissues with a foam roller acts as a pump to enable oxygen and nutrient-rich fluids to hit those spots in need. Couple that effect with the increased circulation from vibration and you are off to the perfect start.

2. Variety

A standard chest workout will have a range of exercises built in there in order to hit all of the muscles, joints and connective tissues involved in the action -everything from fly’s to decline bench push-ups to flat bench and all points in between. This variety is just as important during our warm up activities. In the Prep For Chest Day video you’ll see Tom guide you through this variety in the form of a push-up matrix. With seven different hand positions, Tom hits all three planes of motion through the upper body. Throwing this matrix into your preparatory routine will help build tissue health and normalise motion through variability. That motion, mixed with the huge ‘neurological kick’ from Power Plate will gear the chest up for anything you want to put in its way. So be sure to mix it up before you load it up.

This article was written by David Howatson-Begg and it originally appeared here.